Urban design master thesis pdf volume

During night time the lighting creates a different atmosphere, and in this way it functions as a switch of experience. The lights follow the ribbons in both the ceilings of the metro entrances and in the pavement. This makes the lights function as guide lines, which lead people to the entrances. The lights are also implemented in the ribbons in the ceiling of the concourse level, which are visible in the skylights.

Urban design master thesis pdf volume

In February some communities within the Accra-Tema metropolis were served either once in a week, once in a fortnight or once in a month. Particularly in rural areas, locals are forced to fetch their own water from a variety of water sources depending on location: The water is delivered by tube through a pump that is powered by a human, and the well is protected by a platform to prevent run-offs or bird droppings into the water.

urban design master thesis pdf volume

Protected dug well — well protected from runoff water by a well lining or casing raised above ground level. Water tank truck — water is trucked into a community and sold from the truck. Unprotected dug wells or springs — a well not protected from runoff or bird droppings.

Transportation is done by donkey carts or motoking.

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Surface water sources — rivers, dams, lakes, ponds, etc. All of which are really likely to be polluted, which will be dangerous for the people who drink from there.

These are the most dangerous sources of water for the population in Ghana, since they may have so many bacterias and toxic product in them that the people will get infections and diseases, some of which could even be dead [21] ly.

Drinking water quality[ edit ] The Fecal-oral disease route transmission. Due to unclean water and improper sanitation, Ghana has 1, children under five years old dying each year from diarrhea, caused by polluted water.

Consequently, households without access to clean water are forced to use less reliable and hygienic sources, and often pay more.

Surface waters are the main drinking-water source for the communities of Northern Region, Ghana. This brings many diseases. The water contains parasites and a high microbial content, as well as dangerous minerals.

Many people, mostly children, suffer from many diseases caused by this water, and some of them may even be deadly.


Instead, they are expected to spend the whole day fetching water. This affects their education and makes it harder for the country to develop faster. If the people had more clean water resources and sanitation the girls wouln't be denied their right to go to school, therefore, they would have an education and would increase the number of educated people in Ghana.

All things considered, the water issues that Ghana is dealing with doesn't only affect the population with disease, but it also affects with the education. This does not happen too often, but it happens in some parts of Ghana, usually rural areas.

Regional capitals count for another million m3. Inadequate management of urban, industrial and agricultural wastewater often means that the drinking-water of millions of people is either dangerously contaminated or chemically polluted. Treatment plants for municipal wastewater are operated by local governments, and most of them are stabilization ponds.

Furthermore, groundwater is available in mesozoic and cenozoic sedimentary rocks and in sedimentary formations underlying the Volta basin.

In all, the total actual renewable water resources are estimated to be MASTER OF URBAN DESIGN Department: City and Regional Planning Major: Urban Design This thesis aims to introduce the fundamental role of the block structure in formation of the urban fabric, and with the aim to develop an alternative method for.

Dissertation Proposal Fabio Carrera MIT-DUSP-CDD October 25, 2 ABSTRACT his thesis addresses the collection, organization, integration, distribution and use of urban knowledge by government agencies for. Urban Mobility: Transference and Atlanta's Transit  Futrell, Janae Maegan (Georgia Institute of Technology, ) The research segment of this thesis creates the first comprehensive repository of the current and proposed elements of public transit that will potentially operate in Atlanta.

Architectural Thesis A. Master of Architecture Program Architectural Design Thesis Architectural Design Thesis is an independent design research project on a topic selected and developed by the student. Design Thesis is an opportunity for each student. Apr 05,  · Kindly Specify If you are asking for pure Research or Design or Research-Cum-Design I guess your college may not allow you to take pure research thesis So instead of LISTING the topic I suggest you to go for a PUBLIC SPACE like Railway station.

Architectural Thesis A. Master of Architecture Program Architectural Design Thesis Architectural Design Thesis is an independent design research project on a topic selected and developed by the student.

Design Thesis is an opportunity for each student.

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