Trough the eyes of a 19 year old

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Trough the eyes of a 19 year old

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. CNN Alejandro and his mom journeyed for days without eating, stuck in a putrid bus with 65 strangers stuffed "all on top of each other.

Trough the eyes of a 19 year old

Alejandro, 13, said he didn't know what was going to happen to himself or his mom during the months they were separated. The Guatemalan migrants, desperate to flee violence back home, left everything they knew for one dangerous attempt to seek US asylum.

But what they faced in the US turned out to be far more arduous than their grueling 9-day trek across Mexico. A protected status that allows people fleeing persecution to live legally in another country.

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But it didn't go that way," year-old Alejandro said. I was inside a shelter for two months, and my mom was in prison for two months.

Trough the eyes of a 19 year old

Read More We hear directly from a child about the long-term trauma he says he experienced as a result of his sudden removal from his mother. And with hundreds of kids still separated from their parents, Alejandro's story could be just one of countless tales of ongoing anguish.

Alejandro said he misses his family in Guatemala, but life is far too dangerous back home. Back home in Guatemala, his mom and grandparents did their best to give him a stable life -- despite relentless threats of violence from his estranged father.

My grandmother would make breakfast," he said.

The lasting effects of family separations, as seen through the eyes of a year-old - CNN

But the love from his family couldn't mask the bullet hole on the side of the house -- a frequent reminder of the danger they faced. The boy's mother, Dalia, said she could no longer stand the threat of domestic violence from her estranged partner. I didn't want to be like her, another victim. Dalia said she got a restraining order against her estranged boyfriend.

But she said in her country, that didn't matter.

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Her partner was "well connected. That's the only reason why I came to this country. Every day, I had that fear that one day I wouldn't return home. I couldn't take his threats or abuse anymore. Alejandro said the separation from his grandparents was particularly heartbreaking.

And my family is so close that they were with me up until the moment that I left the country.


Dalia said she paid people to help get her and her son to the US. They went "entire days without eating, with my son, crammed in buses without seats We endured thirst," the boy said. In May, they made the final leg of their journey on foot. They crossed over the Mexico-Arizona border, with hopes of seeking asylum once inside the US.

Which nationalities get rejected the most for US asylum? We crossed illegally," Alejandro said.year-old female, with under eye bags (fat prolapse) and dark circles (tear trough deformity hollowness), underwent transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty (scar-less, no stitch incision inside lower eyelid) with fat repositioning to get of the bags and fill in the hollow under area at the same time.

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