The filipino is worth dying for by ninoy aquino

Lolo Tatay made sure I knew who Rizal was. He made sure I knew my history as a Filipino. He made sure I knew that I am a Filipino. He could see identity issues coming up in the future, I guess.

The filipino is worth dying for by ninoy aquino

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There was also the fact that, to this day, feverish debates continue to rage over who deserves or does not deserve recognition as a Filipino hero. Certainly, there is no lack of individual examples of heroism to emulate.

This was not the only way they fought to win freedom and build the nation. Many others chose to fight with the pen as subversive journalists.

Others fought their battles in schoolrooms by educating the next generation. Still others believed that by individual hard work and accomplishment, they could prove the Filipino the equal to any other person in whatever field of endeavor.

In most surveys conducted among young people that ask them who their personal heroes are, parents and other role models often come out on top. The young people cite the sacrifices made by their elders, whether as overseas workers, single parents, wage earners or laborers, all motivated by a desire to create a better life for their families.

Yes, the Filipino is worth dying for; but, more important, the Filipino is worth living for. Every citizen is called upon to live a life of heroism—working in behalf of others, for the good of the whole, beyond his or her personal comfort zone, with an eye to the future.Ninoy Aquino offered his life to answer the question and in the process proved the skeptics wrong.

He also showed that he was right along with those of us who believed in our people: that indeed, the Filipino was worth dying for.

The filipino is worth dying for by ninoy aquino

And finally, when he told us what Filipinos are worth. Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed The Philippines commemorates the 32nd anniversary of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr.'s death this August My love affair with the Philippines started quite early on.

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Lolo Tatay made sure I knew who Rizal was. He made sure I knew my history as a Filipino. I think that was what Ninoy meant when he said the Filipino is worth dying for. Hope blossomed after Ninoy’s death hope for a new life, hope for good governance, hope for freedom from martial law, hope for a better Philippines.

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I have carefully weighed the virtues and the faults of the Filipino, and I have come to the conclusion that he is worth dying for..” – Ninoy Aquino August 21, Ninoy’s Homecoming and Death. The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino shared the stunning yellow gown she wore in “Crazy Rich Asians” which was created by UAE-based couturier Michael Cinco.

Aquino posted a photo showing the back side of the gown saying that it was a way for her to “look back” at her Hollywood experience with.

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