Scrapbook assignment

September 2, found this helpful Leah, This project can be as simple as you want it to be.

Scrapbook assignment

Scrapbook Assignment

The groups will be constructed based upon the choices you end up with. Step 2 Many of the things you do during the course of the semester will be organized around the choice you end up with. For example, you will need to collect primary sources as the semester goes along and these sources should, in some way, be tied to the choice you end up with.

Scrapbook assignment

For instance, if your choice was the anti-acne cream Clearasil, you might collect sources on ideas of beauty in ancient Greece, information about Roman cosmetics, a medieval tract describing facial outbreaks as a sign of demonic possession, a nineteenth century French advertisement about corsets, and a Nazi paper on Eugenics.

Step 3 Decide on a format for your scrapbook. This is entirely up to you. Your scrapbook could look like a traditional family scrapbook, it could be a digital creation, or anything in between.

All that matters is that I can access it, read it, and grade it. The more the form supports the function the better, but aesthetics will only be a plus, not a minus.

SummativePurpose: Canadian & World Issues Scrapbook Assignment Due to the development of technology and worldwide communicati. Significant$Momentsb$Chapters$6b10$$$$$()$ • Includeatleast!three!significant!moments(3).!! The scrapbook you create this semester is your opportunity to pull together in one place all the various work that you will be doing during the course of the semester.

What matters is the content. Step 4 Start building your scrapbook. No more than six of the minimum ten sources can be of any one type text, image, object, etc.

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Beyond the ten sources you can have as many or as few of different types as you like; b. At least two of these sources cannot be found on campus or online. Every source you include must include a brief annotation describing the source, how it fits into the course, and how it fits with your topic words ; d.

The volume of sources is not the key to your grade. In other words, having 50 sources does not automatically increase your grade. What matters is the quality of the sources and the ways that you have linked them to your overall effort; 2. An essay of at least but no more than words on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

More on this essay will be said as the semester goes along; 3.

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This essay must be drawn from an interview that you conduct with a member of your family from a previous generation parent, grandparent, etc. More will be said on this in class; 4. The Final Essay drawn from the Jack the Ripper case.

A reflection ofwords on the visit to the Holocaust Museum; 6. A reflection of under words on the performance you attended at the Center for the Arts; 7. The blog posting you consider to be your best of the period in the semester covered by the scrapbook turned in to that point three total ; 8.

A reflection on the contents of your scrapbook each time you turn it in. In this reflection you need to highlight what you think are particularly noteworthy aspects of the scrapbook. In other words, point me to the best parts.The scrapbook is very creative and interesting.

Health / Scrapbook Assignment Requirements

All the requirements of the assignment have been fulfilled. The scrapbook is neat and presentable. Reflective Scrapbook Assignment I think that my own temperament definitely added to my secure attachment because I had an easy temperament, meaning that I never. Scrapbook Assignment Requirements Each student will complete and submit an independent Exploratory Health Project.

The project will be counted towards the final semester grade. Jay Jones March 28, CJA Jay Jones Ethical Scrapbook Project This assignment presents an ethical scrapbook entailing four categories of ethical situations in which each team member expresses their [Check pronoun agreement--if "their" refers to "member" (or a singular subject), it should be singular, too (his or her)] individual opinion.

Significant$Momentsb$Chapters$6b10$$$$$()$ • Includeatleast!three!significant!moments(3).!!

Scrapbook assignment

Summative. Purpose: Canadian & World Issues Scrapbook Assignment Due to the development of technology and worldwide communication networks, we have access to information about political, environmental, economic and social events that influence Canadian and World Issues.

History Scrapbook Assignment