Relative moral superiority and proselytizing vegetarianism essay

For instance, some contributors present and effectively counter some of the arguments that have been presented by those in support of factory farming.

Relative moral superiority and proselytizing vegetarianism essay

For what is the point of acknowledging diversity if we are called upon to ignore the possible ramifications of that diversity and to relate to those discernibly different from us as if they were essentially the same as us? Prima facie, this is absurdly self-contradictory. Inge underscores, it would be injudicious to relate to carnivores and herbivores with an undiscriminating sense of egalitarianism.

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Note that making such a diagnosis of difference does not necessarily imply a value judgment as to the relative moral merits of eating flesh or eating grass.

For no matter how sympathetic to, or appreciative of, the untamed majesty of predators one might be, the fate of the flock is likely to be grim if it is left to graze in wolffrequented territory with nothing more coercive to protect it than an appeal for understanding.

It has had to contend with ideologies that were totalitarian, expansionary and irreconcilably inimical to its core values of socio-cultural tolerance and individual liberty. Political liberalism withstood them and prevailed.

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It is facing another fateful encounter in this century: It is far from certain that this time it will prevail. True, there were sympathizers in the West for both the Nazi and Soviet causes, which although they viewed themselves as antithetically adversarial to each other, both strove to eliminate our democratic freedoms and way of life.

However, the denial we are witnessing today seems qualitatively different. Even more serious, it has undermined the capacity for honest debate, for accurate assessment of strategic geopolitical shifts Take the Arab Spring, for example, which much of the mainstream media heralded as the dawning of a new spirit of freedom and enlightenment from the Maghreb to the Persian Gulf.

Almost a year since it began, the results are hardly cause for optimism. In Tunisia and Libya, Islamist governments have been ensconced by popular vote.

Bald Ambition, Chapter 5 For we need to take account of these parties' intrinsic value, and their competing types of claim. Yet, there exists no known way for making such comparison, when a human's intrinsic value is higher than that of an animal, whereas the type of claim an animal has is morally weightier than the type of claim a human has.

None of this should have been unexpected. The facts were available for anyone willing to recognize them. On the verge of the Arab Spring Decemberthe respected Pew Research Center conducted a survey of popular opinion in several Muslim countries.

Relative moral superiority and proselytizing vegetarianism essay

The two countries included in the poll with relevance for the Arab Spring were Egypt and Jordan. This then was the broad-based value system of the masses who drove the popular uprisings across the Arab world, despite the external trappings of modernity, despite the tweets, the smart phones and the social network connections.

It is a safe bet that had such a poll been conducted in the EU, North America or Australasia the findings would have been radically different. Brennan, when he made the astounding claim that accurately defining the threat would exacerbate it: But perhaps the pinnacle of Orwellian endeavor came from then-British home secretary Jacqui Smith, who took it upon herself to bring home to radicalized UK Muslims that they were not who they thought they were.

Prescient premonitions Such reticence and evasion was not always prevalent.

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In an era long before political correctness crippled the ability to articulate the truth in the public sphere, far-sighted men warned of the impending clash. Thus seven decades ago, Hilaire Belloc, the prominent Anglo-French writer and historian, raised the trenchant question: In the first edition of his The River War, published inWinston Churchill set out a withering critique of the effect Islam has on its followers, its debilitating effect on economies of nations that embrace it, and the enslavement of its luckless women.

Churchill goes on to warn: Far from being moribund, Muhammadanism is a militant and proselytizing faithA CRITIQUE OF MORAL VEGETARIANISM Michael Martin Boston University V EGETARIANISM is an old and respectable doctrine, and its popularity seems to be growing.' This would be of little interest to moral philosophers except for one fact.

Degree of violence is another way of comparing the relative moral superiority of differing types of societies. Comparative studies of warfare in human history let us make some general statements about the levels of violence of different historical epochs.

So here, it is a cow's claim to life versus the non- vegetarian's claim to good taste On the above issues of animal research and non-vegetarianism, advocates of animal rights only discern the difference between the moral weight of the claim to life and that of the claim to some lesser good (such as alleviation of pain, or taste).

Relative moral superiority and proselytizing vegetarianism essay

Relative Moral Superiority and Proselytizing Vegetarianism Essay - The benefits to maintaining a vegetarian diet are myriad and increasingly well-defined by modern science; these benefits include decreased risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

An Argument for Vegetarianism ABSTRACT: In this paper I propose to answer the age-old reductio against vegetarianism, which is usually presented in the form of a . Moral Relativism And Moral Values Essay With moral relativism individuals are too likely to disobey with the laws or morals of the society they belong too because under this theory no one has the right to be “right” over another.

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