Redang island

The northeast monsoon transforms this tropical gem into a desolated place between the end of October and the beginning of March; many resorts are closed during this period.

Redang island

Wonderful destination for those who like a bit of luxury The island is especially popular among travelers who like a bit more luxury during their stay. Redang has many luxurious resortsmany of them are of international standards.

Restaurants often are part of the resort; there are only a few privately owned restaurants on the island. Resort restaurants usually serve a mix of local and western dishes. Prices are pretty high compared to other areas in Redang islandbut it is worth it as you are enjoying the perfect tropical atmosphere at Redang.

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Nightlife usually revolves around the resort bars; alcohol is available almost everywhere on the island. Perfect diving conditions Redang is a perfect area to dive. It is known for its amazing visibility and pristine coral reefs. During a dive you are able to see schools of jacks, fusiliers and trevallies, black tip reef sharks, humphead parrotfish, cuttlefish and turtles.

There are even occasional sightings of manta rays and whale sharks. The costs for a dive vary per resort usually no more than RM per dive. Most resort websites will show prices with or without diving trips. Around Redang there are a number of amazing diving spots, you can sign up for this at your hotel or resort.

When you stay during the start or end of the monsoon periodit might occur that the weather conditions won't allow you to dive. Be aware of this. Great for snorkeling too Snorkeling is also very fun around Redang Island.

In this case it means that you can get the equipment and necessities on loan or rent at your resort. At some resorts you can directly snorkel from the beach private reef or house reefnormally you will be taken to a place to snorkel by boat.

At the Marine Park Centre you can snorkel around a wreck, you will also see some bigger fish here and sometimes even a turtle. If you do not dive and only would like to snorkel then perhaps it is better to visit the neighboring island of Perhentian as the snorkeling conditions are far better there though Perhentian has less luxurious resorts.

Attractions and activities The island is also perfect for nice nature walks. At the resorts you can ask for a map on which all roads are indicated. Animals you might spot during your hike are monkeys, monitor lizards, fruit bats and squirrels. However, in October it might already be too late.

Because of this monsoon the underwater world is a lot less beautiful as visibility is bad and there are currents. Avoid the island during school holidays and public holidays. If you visit Redang between April and October you will still have a chance that it rains; you are still in the tropics.


Ping Anchorage for instance has frequent sharp prices to the islands at the eastern side of the peninsula.

Next to the sharp prices Ping Anchorage offers destinations you don't just find elsewhere. Of course you can also easily arrange a trip yourself. Just book your flight tickets and reserve a cabana at one of the resorts on the island.

This can be done directly via the website of the resort or via popular hotel websites like Agoda. If you are planning to do a diving course Open Water then you are best off by making the complete reservation full board diving package directly at the resort as they will offer the best combined prices.

In that case the return boat tickets from Merang Jetty usually are included in the total price.

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Redang is not an island where you can travel to without any reservations; though you can always try and hope that something is available. Getting around There are no roads on the island except for the main road leading from the small airport.

Though there are a couple of trails throughout the island, those usually are not used for regular transport to other places on the island. Best way to move around is by boat, contrary to the neighboring island of Perhentian there are no readily available water taxis at Redang Island.

Here you just go to the resort lobby to arrange transport.Welcome!

Redang island

Redang, a tropical island paradise that offers some of the best beaches, snorkelling and diving in peninsular Malaysia.

Use this online guide to plan your trip and more importantly, to learn to care for its marine environment. Redang Island is located off the state of Terengganu in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Befitting the beauty of the island, Redang Island Resort marks its glimmering presence in Teluk Siang, south of the Island. There are 14 resorts at Redang to suit every budget and preference, ranging from budget resorts to 5 star resorts.

Those looking for campsites and backpacker-style A-frame huts should try another island. Terrapuri Heritage Village. Heritage Villa with Breakfast 2D1N Halfboard Package 3D2N Halfboard Package 3D2N Honeymoon Package 3D2N Fireflies & Setiu Wetlands.

Wonderful destination for those who like a bit of luxury

get free information about perhentian, redang, lang tengah and other nice place on the east coast of peninsular malaysia. There are 14 resorts at Redang to suit every budget and preference, ranging from budget resorts to 5 star resorts.

Redang island

Those looking for campsites and backpacker-style A-frame huts should try another island.

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