Pothole and roads

As potholes surface on Kalyan roads, civic body blames rain Commuters ride past pot-holes filled road after heavy rainfall, in Mumbai. File At a time when five people have died due to damaged roads in Mumbai in the last two weeks, Maharashtra PWD minister Chandrakant Patil has said that potholes could not be entirely blamed for accidents. Trivialising accidents due to potholes, Patil reasoned that about five lakh people travel on a road daily and its condition alone cannot be held liable for the deaths.

Pothole and roads

Share via Email Potholes in the road can be a serious danger to cyclists. A combination of water seepage followed by freezing conditions and a thaw means many of the UK's roads will be pockmarked with potentially wheel-crunching, fork-snapping craters in the coming weeks.

These create a significant danger to cyclists, who could be unseated if they hit a large or deep pothole, or may be hit by other vehicles if they suddenly swerve around a pothole.

This method of pothole repair is more labor intensive, but it provides a cleaner looking patch area. All water and debris are removed from the pothole, and the pavement around the pothole is cut to provide vertical and in-tact pavement on all sides. How to File a Pothole Damage Claim. 1. You must first determine if the pothole incident occurred on a local, county, State highway or on a toll road. For incidents on local or county roads, please call the respective township/county or visit their websites. If your accident was on the Garden State Parkway or the New Jersey Turnpike, please visit. Potholes usually occur when roads freeze and thaw repeatedly, causing the surface to break up. They appear more frequently in late winter and early spring. Potholes usually occur when roads freeze and thaw repeatedly, causing the surface to break up. They appear more frequently in .

Though the most recent Department for Transport figures for road casualties don't include a category for potholes, they reveal that of 13, reported cycling accidents, 1, included "loss of control", "swerving" or "sudden braking" as contributory factors.

The figures for all modes of transport showed that "poor or defective road surface" was a contributory factor in 11 deaths, serious injuries and slight injuries If involved in an accident that causes injury to yourself or damage to your bike, you may be entitled to compensation.

But your legal rights may not be as clear-cut as you think: Rather, they must operate an adequate system of inspection and maintenance. Which means they may not be automatically liable if they had no prior knowledge of the pothole you have just ridden your brand new carbon frame into.

This, says Chris Peck of the CTC, makes it essential that riders report any nasty-looking potholes to their local highways authority. However, if they were notified of the hazard through a reporting site then they are obliged to fix it and will become automatically liable if someone subsequently suffers an injury as a consequence.

Pothole and roads

That's why it's important to report potholes where you see them. Though still able to ride a bike, she continues to suffer pain and discomfort and had to swap her regular community beat for a deskbound, administrative job with the Central Scotland police force.

Her solicitor, Elaine Russell of Irwin Mitchell, said she had seen "a definite increase in the number of cyclists injured as a result of the state of Scotland's roads.

Also note any other road defects in the vicinity. Also try to give a sense of its position in the road. If you're not sure which council is responsible for that road, you can find out by typing in the road or town name at the Gov.REPORT A POTHOLE.

Government Affairs. Potholes don’t just leave you shaken – they’re a serious safety hazard.

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Everywhere you turn, potholes, some big as craters, are causing motorists a lot of misery while driving on the roads and when paying for necessary repairs . The Road Commission has extended shifts for pothole crews, including some starting as early as 3 a.m.

or 4 a.m. to work on roads that are lighted. Other crews work into the evening. The thing is, pothole damage is an every day road hazard and a tricky one at that, since potholes’ presence may not be obvious.

That is, until the deed is done.

Pothole and roads

If your vehicle hits a deep, dreaded divot in the road, steering system misalignment to a full-on tire puncture or bent rims may follow. effectiveness of pothole patch types can be determined and it provides an updated partial listing of material and equipment manufacturers.

This Manual is intended for field and office personnel within highway maintenance agencies and contracted maintenance firms.

Asphalt repair, pothole repair made easy with EZ Street cold mix.

Pothole crews visit each council district two times per month. Crews do their best to spot potholes wherever they travel and welcome local residents to report potholes when they see them. To report a pothole, please call or use the online Service Request system. Potholes are an inevitable fact of life.

Potholes can appear on roads, parking lots and home driveways. Potholes are caused by numerous factors including, moisture damage, freeze-thaw damage, pavement base failure, heavy traffic loads and other factors.

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