How to write an arabic poem

Some definitions are highly theoretical and discuss other quantitative aspects of the end of the verse and not just the rhyming sound. However, the Persians had their own understanding of how these terms applied to Persian poetry and fitted in with Persian sensibilities — a process that English-speaking poets who write in foreign forms, like the Persian ghazal or the Japanese haiku, should be quite familiar with. Rhymes in Arabic can be short and simple or long and complicated.

How to write an arabic poem

I am actually the one in dire need of this. I am writing this blog post as a reminder of what I had promised myself to do, and for the past 2 months, have not even begun. I did not have many New Year resolutions this year, particularly because I want to be renewing my intentions every day— but I did create for myself one challenge for — namely, to write a decent Arabic poem.

Arabic is my first language. I experiment with the letters in art— I have lately been trying to include Arabic letters in my paintings and I try to do my own oversimplified but original attempts at calligraphy whenever I can.

But this is visual; I have never played with the words with the intention of having them read. For an English poem to make an impact on me, it needs to rhyme, to have rhythm, to be meaningful in content. But in Arabic, it just sounds so good even before you understand it all!

Agha Shahid Ali

And once you do, you marvel at how such simple concepts can sound so exquisite in Arabic. So in DecemberI thought of a plan: Compile at least 10 poems. Make sure you have an Arabic-English dictionary nearby for the harder words.

Read the verse again until it makes perfect sense.

how to write an arabic poem

But for the ones you do… What was it that mesmerized you? The style, the tone, the words, the topic? Reflect on them, keep these all in mind, they will come in handy.

Try your best, when possible, to use the words you had to once upon a time look up because they were alien to you. Et voila, you have become an Arabic poet! But hey— A girl can dream, right?For World Poetry Day, we're reposting this article by the poet Dara Wier.

Her dozen books include You Good Thing (Wave ) and Selected Poems (Wave ); other books and chapbooks include Reverse Rapture (a book length poem, Verse Press ) A Civilian's Journal Of The War Years (Song Cave ) and We Would Like To Return The Scarf To You In Good Condition (Small Anchor, .

The Holy Book of Islam has of course held—and continues to hold—primacy of place in Arabic literature. The Qur’an contains several verses referring to the “Arabic Qur’an” and several branches of Arabic writing stemmed from the need to elucidate it.

This list of arabic poems is composed of the works of modern international poet members of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of arabic poetry. This list of works about arabic is an excellent resource for examples on how to write arabic poems.

For instance, if the poet is writing a poem with the rhyme on (er), it would be possible to introduce the sound (ir) or the sound (or).

If the poem rhymes on (en), the poet might want to bring in the sound (an). In Arabic poetry each line (bayt; abyat) is divided into two halves (shatr; shatrayn). Below are metres commonly found in Arabic poetry, showing long (—) and short (^) syllables.

They represent pairs of half-lines and should be read from left to right. Arabic essay language عبارات وكلمات قد تستخدموها في البحوث If you are studying Arabic, you will no doubt have to write essays and reflective pieces.

Here are some useful phrases and vocabulary for essay writing.

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