How to write a travel review article definition

Writing a travel review helps ensure that future travelers select the right destination and accommodations for them. Step 1 — Do your homework Research your destination ahead of time. Be familiar with the history of your location. Contact the Convention and Visitors Bureau CVB at least 3 weeks prior to your visit and ask them to send you a press kit including maps, brochures and a travel guide.

How to write a travel review article definition

As a follow up to her earlier Guest Article…. Brown takes a break from her perpetual traveling to share with us more of her sage advice on writing. Here are her tips on writing that perfect destination review: Grabbing our backpacks, we walked into town to secure lodging for the night.

After numerous rejections from French pensions, we turned our attention toward food. Certainly we could find a room at an Inn serving local wine country cuisine, right?

Painting a picture for the reader will draw them in. The introduction to the article is an example of a nut graf ; which is editorial slang for defining the news value in a story.

The descriptive lede yes, more journalism speak is meant to draw the reader into the story. Ideally, your lede should paint a picture for the reader; draw them in and, set the hook, so to speak. We went to look for lodging. Similar to writing a lodging review, it is vital to include the five Ws: Who, What, When, Where, Why and, whenever possible, how much as those are the typical questions a reader needs answered before determining their vacation destination.

As a PR pro, part of my job is to provide information about my clients to members of the media. Mutual understanding of our respective business models gets us so much more out of life. It is mutually beneficial to understand how to work with travel writers and bloggers and PR pros.

The travel editor found me online through one of the many vacation destination reviews I had written about Alaska. I had successfully positioned myself as an expert in the field. Be a Destination Review Expert in Your Backyard If you are new to travel writing or travel blogging, I strongly suggest you toil in your own vineyard, initially.

After all, who is more qualified to write a vacation destination review on your hometown? Establish yourself as a local expert, write a column for your local newspaper and then venture outside the box to wider ranging vacation destination venues.

Select Your Travel Writing Style Your travel writing style will depend on the publication or editorial outlet where your vacation destination review will appear. In newspapers and magazine, articles are typically written in third person.

Quotes from outside sources are important to bring credibility and differing perspectives to your article. First person perspective is more commonly found when writing for travel blogs. What type of travel writing speaks to you? Select some of your favorite travel writers and publications and craft your vacation destination reviews in a similar fashion.

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Eventually, you will find your own voice and writing style that fits your personality. This entry was written by Nancy D. Brownand posted on Monday, March 14th, Travel essay ielts latest essay dream room drawings classification essay topics healthy foods act essay examples zombie apocalypse scholarship what is a critical essay years english sample essay writing opinion newspaper article film review frankenstein?

essay on topic literature youth. Research paper about art from craft. My area of expertise is in writing spa reviews, but I when I write a travel article with a spa focus, I make sure to cover accommodations, dining, and non-spa activities to appeal to a wider audience.

~Michele. 7 Responses to “7 Steps to Writing a Great Travel Review. So today I wanted to share 11 tips that will help you improve your travel writing or blogging. Because the world always needs good writers — and good writing helps get your story heard more!

These tips, if followed, will better your writing and make a huge difference in the reach of your writing! As you review your work, say to yourself.

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Readers see your rating and your review title first. Rate your visit (Read about bubble ratings.) Then write a short title that captures your readers' attention. Summarize your experience or highlight a specific detail. 2. Cover the five Ws. The review already says where you are.

How To Write the Perfect Travel Article. By Martin Li.

how to write a travel review article definition

Writing a travel article is part craft and part art. Travel writing is part reporting, part diary, and part providing traveler information. Review of the eBook by Martin Li titled "Become a Published Travel Writer" On Travel Writing by Travel Writers: More by Martin Li.

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