Ethan frome tragic flaw

We will also look at him in terms of the transformations he undergoes throughout the novella.

Ethan frome tragic flaw

When he was very young, Ethan was intellectually curious and full of dreams; he was very sociable. He wanted to move away from tiny, isolated Starkfield to live in a busy city where life was exciting and full of possibilities. He was born into poverty, the only child of farm people who worked hard but never got ahead financially.

Ethan Frome in Ethan Frome

The Frome farm provided only a bare existence, but it was the family farm handed down through generations. Ethan was tied to the farm by tradition and by responsibility.

Ethan frome tragic flaw

When his father died and his mother became ill, he had to give up school and return. It never occurred to him he had a choice.

Ethan frome tragic flaw

The farm was located miles from Starkfield, a small New England village. When winter came, those who lived on outlying farms were sentenced to months of cold, silent isolation by the heavy snowfalls that descended every year. Transportation was crude; roads were impassable.

Loneliness arrived along with the blizzards. It was his fear of the overwhelming loneliness that prompted Ethan to marry Zeena after his mother died.

What is a tragic hero? Most people would think this term simply means the. protagonist of a story that ends in a tragic way. But this interpretation is not entirely true.. In fact, a tragic hero is indeed the protagonist of a tragedy, but the more important part is. that they always have one flaw 3/5(2). Ethan Frome is definitely painted as a tragic figure in his crippled state of misery. His tragic flaw could be that he is too indebted to family, and feels too much obligation to them. A tragedy usually involves a hero of high standing with a character flaw that leads to his or her downfall. Books Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton. Ethan Frome is a tragic novel about the unrequited love between Ethan Frome and his wife's cousin, Mattie Silver.. This novel has elements in common with gothic fiction, realism, modernism, romance, and tragedy.

He could not bear to spend a winter alone on the farm. If his mother had died in the spring, Ethan later realized, he would not have married Zeena. Through chance and circumstance, Ethan meets Mattie Silver. She just happened to be available to come to care for the sickly Zeena because of her own difficult family circumstances.

Had he never met Mattie, Ethan most likely would have lived out his life, numb to his own misery, and died to be buried next to his wife in the Frome family cemetery. After loving Mattie, though, Ethan cannot endure the thought of living as he had lived before her arrival. Again, chance and circumstance determine his fate.

He is too poor to provide for Zeena and take Mattie away, and his suicide attempt fails when he does not succeed in driving the sled directly into the big elm tree. Consequently, he is crippled, Mattie is paralyzed, and Zeena becomes her caretaker.

The three of them remain trapped together on the farm.

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All he could have become was lost. He found love, but he found it too late, and the memory of the girl Mattie had once been surely tortured him.

His spirit became as cold and barren as the Starkfield winters. Heroically, some would say, Ethan struggled against forces he could not defeat, and once he was defeated, he endured.The Story Ethan Frome, a tragedy or drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, a .

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Ethan Frome is considered a tragic hero, but to be a tragic hero one has to have certain qualifications to make him one. For one to be a tragic hero one must be of high estate, a virtuous and noble person, one has to also be a good person.3/5(3). A tragic flaw is a literary term that refers to a personality trait of a main character that leads to his or her downfall.

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