Dictionary thesis plural

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Dictionary thesis plural

What is the Plural of Analysis? Analysis is a commonly used word in college writing. If you are doing quantitative research in any of the STEM fields, you will likely use analysis in all of your written reports and throughout your college career. No worries; we are here to help. What is the Plural Form of Analysis?

Most nouns are made plural simply by adding the letter s to the end of the word. The word analysis is a bit different.

Dictionary thesis plural

The plural form of analysis is analyses. When to Use Analysis Analysis is the singular form of the word, meaning it refers to a single study, report, examination, etc.

A new analysis of data from a large national study has found that carrying fat around the middle of the body greatly raises the risk for heart disease and death, even for those of normal weight.

Plural Noun Forms

The singular analysis is pronounced uh-nal-ih-sis. When to Use Analyses Analyses is plural for analysis, meaning is refers to multiple studies, reports, examinations, etc.

They have driven down their valuation to an average of only about 60 percent of real market value, according to separate analyses by the Houston Chronicle and the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts.

The plural analyses is pronounced uh-nal-ih-seez. Trick to Remember the Difference Not sure you will be able to remember when to use analysis or analyses? If you can remember this simple trick, you will be all set. If you look at the word analysis, it ends in the same few letters that the word singular begins with.

Analyses is the plural form of analysis, which means there are more than one. In other words, there are several analyses.

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Summary The difference between analysis vs. Analysis is the singular form. Analyses is the plural of analysis. If you need additional help with any other English words, visit our main confusing words page.thesis definition: 1. a long piece of writing on a particular subject, especially one that is done for a higher college or university degree: 2.


the main idea, opinion, or theory of a person, group, piece of writing, or speech: 3. a piece of writing involving original study of a subject, esp. Learn more. Jan 18,  · thesis / thee siss/ • noun (pl. theses / thee seez/) 1 a statement or theory put forward to be maintained or proved. 2 a long essay or dissertation involving personal research, written as part of a university degree.

thesis - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. Jan 18,  · Anonymous Or, thesis' if you are saying that something belongs to a particular thesis.

You are referring to the possessive, not the plural. thesis • The book seems to have no central thesis. • There is a short but cheerful thesis to be written on this aspect of the production.

• Whatever the reason, however, our examination of the evidence gives little support for either thesis. Translation of thesis at Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary. Audio pronunciations, verb conjugations, quizzes and more.

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