Computer crime essay essay

Recognition is a desire for fame, most hackers want recognition for their work. The reason behind recognition is human nature most of us would like to have some fame. In some case fame can also bring a financial reward. It is a common practice for hacker to work for security firms and even large accounting firms.

Computer crime essay essay

Computer crime essay

With the dramatic development in the technology of computers and communications, the world has certainly benefited a lot, but the price might also be very expensive.

Computer crimes are now becoming very serious problems that are costing up to billions of dollars. The US, where the computer was invented and where the Internet was developed, is considered to be the motherland of the worst computer crimes so far.

Other countries are also contracting this problem as their governments, businesses and individuals become more dependent on computers and networks. Computer crimes are Computer crime essay essay the future of communication, confidentiality and even the integrity of businesses and organizations.

When people think of computer crimes, many are inclined to think of computer theft, that is, when a person carries a computer, a notebook or a laptop that does not belong to him and goes away with it. This is actually true, because the theft of hardware and computers is still considered to be common in many countries, especially the theft of portable computers that are very light, small and easy to carry.

However, computer crimes are in fact much more complicated and dangerous than just stealing a computer. The world today is becoming a smaller and at the same time, connected village, mainly because of the Internet.

Thousands of companies, organizations and agencies, in addition to millions of people all over the world are able to contact each other and to communicate through the computer and the Internet. It is through the phone and the computer that some of the worst crimes are taking place.

By definition, a computer crime takes place when an unauthorized person reaches information and data that he was not supposed to reach, or when an individual inflicts damage on the files, systems and networks of others on purpose.

These crimes are now becoming serious felonies that lead to imprisonment and heavy fines in countries such as the US, where the FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation is the agency responsible for handling such cases. The most common crimes were hardware theft, computer viruses and unauthorized access to data and information.

Those who steal hardware are conventionally known as thieves, whereas those who criminally use viruses or try to break into networks and systems are known as computer hackers.

Theft of hardware, although very common, is not a very serious problem. A computer that is stolen, or a printer that disappears can always be replaced. The cost is always known, and the consequences can be made up for.

However, in the case of a computer crime that involves breaking into the data system of the company, the results are usually out of control. It is not possible to find out the size of damage done to a company whose files have been stolen until a very long time to pass, especially that the company might not be aware of the crime at the time it happens.

Computer hackers commit their crimes in a variety of ways.

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One common way is installing a virus program inside a network of a certain company. This virus program then starts recording all kinds of passwords used in the system, and passes them to the hackers.

Later on, the hacker breaks into the security systems of the company and reaches access to any information that might be hidden away by the company on its computers. These virus programs may be programmed to start working at a specific time or when a specific application is run, or when a specific file is opened.

Computer Crime - Assignment Example

When the virus activates, it might do the kind of damage that it was designed for. For example, it might delete some or all kinds of files on the computer. It might make the applications run in a distorted way, or it might simply destroy the whole system, making the computer impossible to operate.

In either case, valuable information is lost, as well as valuable applications that require a lot of money and time to repair. Files visited by hackers may contain sensitive information about clients, allies, and competitors, and their fall in the wrong hands can be disastrous for the victim company.

A victim company might lose its customers to its competitors and might even lose major projects if such information leaks out to unauthorized parties.

Computer crime essay essay

The dollar measurement of such damage is not always possible, but it is usually very huge. It was traditionally believed that only large companies and organizations represented attractive targets for hackers, especially that the information that they would get out of there might be valuable and worthy.This essay has been submitted by a law student.

Computer Crime – Assignment Example

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Computer Crime and its effect. Essay on Computer Crimes of Today - Computer Crimes on the Internet Thesis: Emerging with the Internet, a group of elite cyber-surfers have turned into todayís computer hackers.

Software piracy is a major crime on the Net. $ billion of American Software is stolen each year. - Computer Crime Computer crime is a very broad term. It could.


Computer crime is any illegal act which involves a computer system whether the computer is an object of a crime, an instrument used to commit a crime or a repository of evidence related to a crime - computer crime Essay introduction.

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Computer crime essay essay

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Computer Crime had been defined broadly, though most text books agree that it is a criminal act that has been committed using computer as the principal tool.

The types of crime which are regard as a computer crime can also vary depending on the text book you read. Computer crime essay sample: With the dramatic development in the technology of computers and communications, the world has certainly benefited a lot, but the price might also be very expensive.

Computer crimes are now becoming very serious problems that are costing up to billions of dollars.

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