Case study recommendation

Social Media Case Study: We often think of LinkedIn as a B2B social network.

Case study recommendation

Recommendations for writing case study articles for publication in the journal of college counseling. Retrieved Sep 29 from https: Recommendations fall into 2 categories: The article is intended to guide and encourage prospective case study authors.

In a recent review of case study research in the social sciences, Hyett, Kenny, and Dickson-Swift attributed the growing popularity of case study research to several salient factors. The design of a case study can be tailored to fit a diverse variety of research purposes e.

In addition, the qualitative aspect of the case study approach, which entails composing a good narrative illustrating a course of therapeutic progress, gives researchers the opportunity to use their creative abilities Morse, Among the strengths of the case study, relative to purely quantitative methods, McLeod and Elliott included greater complexity, greater sensitivity to longitudinal processes, and greater appreciation for context-based understanding.

With regard to the complexity of case studies, they noted that case studies entail a greater number of observations, thereby allowing for a richer description of the complex interactions among variables and processes.

Greater sensitivity to longitudinal processes can be seen in case study descriptions, which include observations across stages ranging from relationship establishment to the treatment stage, and extending into the termination stage. Context-based factors are reflected in details such as verbatim client statements, verbatim counselor responses, and descriptions of client behaviors in the context of various developmental stages of the therapy process.

Presenting rich details such as these is not possible with quantitative research using large sample sizes and standardized instruments. McLeod and Elliott concluded that the case study approach to research occupies a position of equal status relative to quantitative methods.

Flyvbjerg effectively refuted several biases levied against case study research. These biases, which he referred to as misunderstandings, may partially discourage counseling practitioners from conducting case study research for publication. For example, one such misunderstanding is the claim that case study practitioners are biased in the direction of concluding that case studies verify their hypotheses.

To refute this claim, Flyvbjerg asserted that case descriptions of the counseling process are complex and cannot easily be manipulated to verify a hypothesis. A second common misunderstanding is that case studies are too complex to guide the development of theories.

In response to this claim, Flyvbjerg argued that case studies merely reflect the real-life complexity of the counseling process and may be used to refute overly simplistic propositions and theories.

Finally, he refuted the common assertion that theory is more valuable than practical knowledge. His conclusion--that case studies are exemplars essential for guiding effective practice--is a compelling one that is difficult to dispute. In my conversations with three college counseling professionals, these colleagues expressed an appreciation for the detailed accounts of the therapy process found in case study articles.

Flyvbjerg similarly asserted that case learning is essential for the acquisition of professional expertise.

Case study recommendation

Rule-based knowledge, in his view, is appropriate for learning at the novice level, but to become capable of expert performance, counselors-in-training must be exposed to the highly contextualized "nuanced view of reality" p.

James Raper personal communication, September 2,director of the University Counseling Center at Wake Forest University, maintained that Quantitative research can produce results more generalizable to a larger population of students, whereas, Raper further noted, case studies can be written more quickly to respond to emerging contemporary trends in a timely manner.

These trends may include new counseling interventions, as well as counseling concerns or disorders that are emerging as more prevalent among the current college student population e. They serve to guide theory and research in practice and can stimulate important discussions for mental health professionals of all levels of experience and professional identity.

Schmitt personal communication, August 22,an experienced counselor and associate director of the Center for Counseling and Consultation at St. As a clinician, I am drawn to journal articles that show application of theory and technique in a case study format because it is useful to see how they are applied practically and clinically.

One can read about the concepts regarding dialectical behavioral therapy, for example, but having those concepts illustrated through a case brings it alive in an educational and practical way. To me, it is akin to reading a story with applied techniques, which holds my attention much more than quantitative research articles.

These quotes from highly respected college counseling professionals clearly convey their appreciation for case study research. College counselors need exemplars of practice to promote their learning, growth, and effectiveness. The primary purpose of this article is to encourage scholars and practitioners to write case studies for publication in the Journal of College Counseling JCC.

Toward this aim, I provide guidelines for conducting case study research in a manner that is both ethical and rigorous. Ethical Concerns of College Counseling Professionals Unfortunately, over the past 4 years, there has been a scarcity of case study manuscript submissions for publication in the JCC.

This trend is likely related to common concerns expressed by college counselors and college counseling center directors who are entrusted with the protection and ethical treatment of the college students they serve. They have reasonable concerns related to conducting a case study in a manner that is ethical and that in no way compromises the quality of the counseling services provided to clients.

In my experience, they commonly ask, "How can we guarantee that readers of the case study will not be able to determine the identity of the client based on the client description and the detailed narrative?

Here, I present the four verbatim questions asked followed by her response to each question. This question is addressed in Standard G. Securing the permission of the individual to present his or her case material without modifying identifiers, if possible, potentially enhances the rigor of the case study see the Characteristics of Well-Written Case Study Articles section.

Furthermore, one approach to changing modifiers is to change them to the opposite e.

Case study recommendation

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Understanding basics of Recommendation Engines (with case study) Business Analytics. Understanding basics of Recommendation Engines (with case study) Shivam Bansal, October 11, Other users behaviour and preferences over the items are used to recommend items to the new users.

In this case, features of the items are not known. Aug 13,  · Case study: Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations Order Description Case study: Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations Read the case study provided and write a clinical report which includes: 1.

A summary of the major issues facing the client needing to be addressed. 2. A working diagnosis for the client (with diagnostic summary and rationale) utilizing the following .

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