Career service worksheet

Get out plenty of scratch paper or better yet, sit down at the computer and fill out things as you see fit.

Career service worksheet

This simple exercise will let say what you know about yourself, your likes and dislikes, and creates a list of occupations that match your preferences. Another simple activity that looks at 10 factors that most Career service worksheet believe to be important when looking at careers.

Then underline the the part that caught your attention. Listening to others talk about their careers and career choices is helpful. This worksheet helps listeners organize notes when they listen to others talk about careers.

This comprehensive set of worksheets 12 pages looks at career choices, career paths, and planning to continue your education. A career portfolio is a visual representation of your abilities, skills, capabilities, knowledge, qualities - and it represents your potential.

Career Portfolio for Middle School Students. This is a comprehensive guide to creating portfolios. This simple, 1 page guide provides an easy-to-use format to research different careers, organize what you learn, and compare different career choices. Use one for each career.

Here is a fun activity to met different people and learn important skills "networking" with other people. Sometimes its "who you know" that helps you get a career started. The Internet is full of wonderful career resources - let's take a look and see what we find.

This is a 5-step model for comparing your needs and preferences against career opportunities. Choosing a Career Path. Career exploration and decisions are important, but then we have to build a plan to get us where we want to go.

This activity shows you how.

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Here are some important terms when talking about careers and college. In many ways, preparing to apply to enroll in post-secondary schools is like applying for any other job. This activity looks at factors to consider when looking at post-secondary education options.

Use this checklist to help prepare you for educational opportunities after high school. Its never too early to start planning for college. Here are some things to consider starting in the 4th or 6th grades and then through high school.

From Middle School to High School. Want to go to college?

Career service worksheet

Here's what you need to know and what you need to do. Consideration and Investigation of Career Choices. A set of 2 activities to help middle school students start career explorations. Core Subjects and Your Career. Let's look at how math, English, and science classes help us prepare for careers.

This activity goes beyond career exploration and asks you to look at how career decisions affect the rest of your life. This activity creates a process to help make better decisions about careers. Developing Your Career Portfolio.

Why develop a career portfolio? How do you start? Everything you need to know is here. Educational and Career Plans Summary Sheet. Exploring careers and making decisions are important, but so is making a plan to make your career decisions happen. In many cases, the key is education.

Finding Your Career Focus. Here is a 4-step process for looking at careers, contains 4 activities. This activity looks at creating goals - an important part of any career path.Back; Working Overview.

After a service member has completed his or her career training, it's time to put what they've learned to use.

Go to our Working Overview page. Career Services Center Behavioral Interview Worksheet Behavioral interview questions are intended to help employers understand your likely future behavior. Career Activities.

Career service worksheet

Thinking about careers is fun - its also important. Here are some downloadable, printable "worksheets" that help organize ideas and apply different ways to think about careers.

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What's Involved in Career Choice Handout What's Involved in a Career Choice A Guide to Good Decision Making Handout (CASVE Cycle).

Career Service Worksheet Instructions: This assignment will require you locate your Career Services Department, contact your Career Services Advisor and complete the table provided below. PRE-INTERVIEW WORKSHEET products, and services. JOB DESCRIPTION Review the job description for the required or desired knowledge.

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