Antitrust and consumer protection law discussion

Fellowship[ edit ] Student Fellowship Program[ edit ] The institute promotes the study and discussion of consumer and competition law issues through its Student Fellowship Programwhich began in January Fellows are law students chosen from among applicants who meet certain minimum requirements, including academic achievement fellows must be in the top one-third of their classan interest in pursuing a career in antitrust or consumer protection, and complete requisite coursework. Fellows attend all institute events as well as special programs designed to inform them of current topics of interest in competition law, practice and policy. These special programs introduce the fellows to the key policymakers in the public and private sectors.

Antitrust and consumer protection law discussion

Aggressive competition among sellers in an open marketplace gives consumers — both individuals and businesses — the benefits of lower prices, higher quality products and services, more choices, and greater innovation.

The FTC's competition mission is to enforce the rules of the competitive marketplace — the antitrust laws. These laws promote vigorous competition and protect consumers from anticompetitive mergers and business practices.

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The FTC's Bureau of Competition, working in tandem with the Bureau of Economics, enforces the antitrust laws for the benefit of consumers. The Bureau of Competition has developed a variety of resources to help explain its work.

For an overview of the types of matters investigated by the Bureau, read Competition Counts. This Guide to the Antitrust Laws contains a more in-depth discussion of competition issues for those with specific questions about the antitrust laws. From the menu on the left, you will find Fact Sheets on a variety of competition topics, with examples of cases and Frequently Asked Questions.

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Within each topic you will find links to more detailed guidance materials developed by the FTC and the U. For additional information about the work of the Bureau, or to report a suspected antitrust violation, contact us.

To learn more about how the Bureau is organized and who to contact with a competition question, consult Inside BC. The Commission cannot represent individuals or businesses, and these resources are not intended to substitute for legal advice.The FTC kicked off a series of hearings yesterday called Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century, modeled and influenced after the Pitofsky hearings, which strived to explore whether “ evolving business practices, new technologies, or international developments might require adjustments to competition and consumer protection law, enforcement priorities, and policy”.

Our state antitrust law was recently amended to enable the Attorney General to recover restitution on behalf of citizens that have been indirectly harmed by a violation of the state antitrust laws.

Antitrust and consumer protection law discussion

The Attorney General of Washington, through its Antitrust Division, is the primary enforcer of our state antitrust laws. The Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies is a non-partisan, independent academic center designed to explore the impact of antitrust enforcement on the individual consumer and .

Antitrust laws are in the news every day.


These influential areas of the law limit the abuse of economic power for the benefit of consumers and competitors. The Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies is a non-partisan, independent academic center that advocates for a more just, competitive, and consumer-friendly economy.

9 antitrust laws, consumer protection laws, societal protection laws. Let’s confine our discussion to two of the major antitrust laws: the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Robinson Patman Act. The Sherman Antitrust Act of is the basis for all American antitrust law%(1). • Engage in discussion groups on CONNECT for timely updates and discussion of major developments in antitrust law and consumer protection.

• Enjoy career-advancing opportunities to volunteer for committee initiatives, write for committee publications and speak at events.

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