Andre bazin essay bicycle thieves

He claims that the introduction of sound, far from destroying film as an art form, actually enhanced it as an essential element of reality.

Andre bazin essay bicycle thieves

Andre bazin essay bicycle thieves

A neorealist film generally has a storyline set within the lower classes, perhaps showing an incident that occurs during the daily life of a worker. And without his bicycle he will be left unemployed again. This is a seemingly pedestrian plot that should not merit a news item, a Bazin says, much less an entire feature length film.

However, by just showing the viewer the semi-mundane life of the poor Italian worker and his son as they search for the stolen bike and leaving any social implications unsaid or implied, a great realist film is born according to Bazin.

Any of the shots as standalone takes would not mean much to someone watching them. It is when all of the events come together that a social meaning is constructed.

Bazin believes this to be as about as natural and real as it can get. The viewer is subjected to the daily life of the worker and his boy. We see Antonio sell his sheets so he can buy a bike and become employed. We see the bike stolen by other poor Italian men.

We take a break with them as they take shelter from a downpour. We see Antonio file a police report that amounts to nothing. We see Antonio and his son eat at nice restaurant they cannot really afford as the table next to them jubilantly eats multiple courses and drinks wine.

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As these shots come together, the viewer is allowed to construct their own meaning and infer the social problems that existed in Italy at that time. There are other characteristics of Bicycle Thieves that Bazin believes makes it a true example of neorealism. One of them is that there are no professional actors.

The actors that played Antonia and the son, Bruno, never played anything besides Antonio and Bruno. They embodied Antonio and Bruno.

They are Antonio and Bruno. That very idea is what makes hiring nonprofessional actors for the roles of neorealist films so important. A film loses its realism if you are concerned with who is playing the character instead of just seeing the character as a person.

I did not see an actor playing Antonio. If Cary Grant had gotten the role of Antonio like he could have, viewers would have seen Cary Grant and every other character they have ever seen him play.

There are no sets so the director cannot build whatever he wants the viewer to see. He has to show the truth — a real setting.

There is not much, if any, shot design. There are not close-ups that tell you what to look at and not much thought it is put into lighting and camera angles. Most of the film is shot in long shots and long takes as if we were just standing on the corner watch the events unfold.

The long shots allow the viewer to see the entire picture. We do not just see Antonio hanging posters. We see children panhandling and suspicious men as they pass the bicycle multiple times. The long takes allow an entire event — not a scene — to play out whether it is really relevant to the story at hand or not.

Historical origins of Italian neorealism

The children panhandling may not seem important but by allowing us to see them ask an old man for money and get rejected shows us early on in the movie that these are desperate times.

The long take is also a lot more natural than a series of quick cuts of varying angles and fields-of-view.Apr 01,  · Bicycle Thieves takes place at a very specific time under a unique series of social conditions that shape both its narrative and its embrace of the Ne Essay by Brian Eggert April 1, Director Vittorio De Sica without a job or a bicycle.

As Bazin observed, the story of Bicycle Thieves “might just as well not have happened 4/4. Social Justice Education for Teachers, Carlos Alberto Torres, Pedro Noguera My First Wheel Book of Animals, Robert Salanitro The Day of the Confederacy, Nathaniel W.

Stephenson Burrows, Therese Hopkins La Economia Regional En El . A beautiful, simple story of a man in post-war Rome who needs his bicycle in order to work at his job. No sooner does he retrieve it from pawn, then it is stolen.

The heartwrenching search teaches the man and his son much about the meaning of life and just how far we will go when pushed to the edge. Winner of a special Academy Award. Italian neorealism was the first postwar cinema to liberate filmmaking from the artificial confines of the studio and, by extension, from the Hollywood-originated studio system.

How is the character related to the physical and/or social environment in The Bicycle Thieves. In an attempt to shed light on the relationship between art and realism in Italian Neorealist film, Andre Bazin wrote the article “An Aesthetic of Reality”, analysing one of the most contentious subjects in the study of film – how a director can create a piece .

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