Analytical essay on sbec-texes

The 39 semester hour Master of Education degree with a major in Educational Administration focuses on the skills and knowledge required for campus level and central office administration. The Texas Principal Certificate is the target for this program. Minimum 2 years of prior teaching experience required.

Analytical essay on sbec-texes

An applicant shows his skill level through the TExES tests and proves his worth as an entry-level educator. The total points so earned are converted into scaled scores.

Scaled scores make it possible to compare the results of a particular test taken in different administrations. Each test is scored using a total test scaled score ranging from to For the constructed responses in the TExES English Language, Arts and Reading and Braille tests, each response is scored by two examiners on a scale ranging from 0 to 4.

If they differ in their opinions by more than a point, a third scorer is called to resolve the differences. Each is scored on a scale ranging from 0 to 3 by two independent scorers. If they differ in their opinions, a third scorer is called for scoring the responses. Note: The scaled scores make it possible to compare different versions of the same test.

However, scores of different tests cannot be compared. For instance, a score of in Mathematics and a score of in Science do not signify the same level of competence in the two test subjects. Passing Criteria A total test scaled score of is set as the least required for passing the test. The passing criterion for each test is determined by SBEC which takes into consideration the opinions of Texas educators.

The minimum score for each test translates as the least capability one has to have in the related subject to become an entry-level educator in a public school in Texas.


You shall not be granted a Texas educator certification if you fail to clear the required exams. Negative Marking You are not penalized for a wrong response, nor is there any penalty for an unanswered question.

This increases the scope for guessing the answer in multiple-choice questions. You can afford to make a guess if you are not sure of a response.

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Though it is safe to surmise the answer, it is not recommended. One should only make educated guesses based on some peripheral knowledge instead of making random guesses. Experimental Items There are some testing items administered in some tests that do not contribute towards your score.

Analytical essay on sbec-texes

These items are intermingled with the test items such that they cannot be distinguished. They are those items that are put to test for future administrations of TExES tests. Once they are found to be suitable to a test, they are administered as regular testing items in future administrations.

Since a test taker cannot differentiate between a testing item that contributes towards your score and an experimental item, each item has to be answered with equal seriousness.

The presence of these items is responsible for a difference in the number of items administered in an exam and the total number of scored items in the exam. Score Reporting One score report is released for the score details of one test. For the paper based tests, the score reports are posted on the score reporting date.

Score reports in paper are no longer sent.

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You shall have to take a printout of your score report appearing online for record keeping. Your scores are not released by phone, fax, e-mail or in person.© Website. Home; RSS Feed; Term; Contact; Sitemap. The programs prepare educators for a changing world by requiring as outcomes general education, pedagogical content knowledge, content proficiency, pedagogical strategies, communication skills, values, and analytical abilities.

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The text makes it clear to the reader why the argument or claim is as such.[17]A process essay is used for an explanation of making or breaking something. The reasons for scoring U can be illegible, too short, blank, off topic or off task responses.

For the TExES English Language Arts and Reading test, your score report shall contain analytical feedback which gives details about the areas where you can improve.

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